casa de cob

17 Mar

Hemos estado construyendo esta casa por dos semanas.  El suelo que estamos utilizando para hacer el cob es de nuestro bordo.

We are roughly two weeks into building this cob house.  The sub soil we’re using for cob came from our bordo.







then and now

8 Mar

We having been developing the land since March of 2011, making the most significant progress in the past 6 months.  We have many ongoing projects and half-finished structures on the site.  This video was made last March.

Here are some before and after photos that demonstrate our progress.

building the cob greenhouse August '11

March '12


south facing wall of greenhouse, Aug. '11

February '12

We are planning to take photos every week from 5 marked locations around the site.  In total there will be seven perspectives, captured on a weekly basis.  Over the weeks these photos will grow in number and we will be able to show how the project unfolds.