Our goal is to have learning opportunities available to the community through the workshops and classes listed here.


April 16, 17 & 18th: Cob Building

Learn how to design and build your own ecological structure using local and sustainable resources! Three day intensive workshop taught at the cob house construction site at Banco Vivo in Cabras. Taught by Luc Monzies.

This hands-on course will cover:

-structural theory                    -building design                         -site selection

-soil tests                                  -mixing methods                        -building techniques

-natural plasters

Tuition $1500 pesos/person includes meals and drinks. Scholarships available.


Clases de Hortalizas Orgánicas

Explora la teoría y práctica sobre los métodos de hortalizas orgánicas y los principios de permacultura con instrucción adaptada a sus intereses. La Instrucción practica se da por miembros del colectivo ecológico.  Las clases se enseñan en los jardines orgánicos de Los Senderos.

Clases en Grupo o Privadas

1 a 2 personas: $150 a la hora por persona

3+ personas: $100 a la hora por persona


Organic Gardening Classes

Explore the theory and practice of organic gardening methods and permaculture principals with instruction tailored to your individual interest.  The classes are taught in the organic gardens of Los Senderos. Instruction is provided by members of the Colectivo Ecologico.

Group and Private Lessons    

1 to 2 people: $150 an hour per person

3+ people: $100 an hour per person


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